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To the southern hemisphere

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Follow me during my nearly five months in New Zealand


New Zealand, Dec Posted on Tue, December 04, 2007 01:39PM

Last two weeks has been very busy. My parents and my little brother came down to New Zealand and I met up with them in Auckland. From there we hired a car and drove all the way down to Queenstown and then up to Christchurch where I am right now. Of course we made a lot of stops on the way. First stop in Raglan, same hostel as we stayed at with Stray. Really a beautiful place. Then further south to Waitomo to show my brother the Waitomo caves. We did the 7 hours epic tour which was great. From there we continued down towards National park and did the Tongariro crossing. Good hike but a bit over rated in my opinion. As soon as we came to Wellington and started carrying out our bags from the car I hear someone scream my name. Turn around and there is Courtney! Turns out Maria lives just on the other side of our hostel. Later that night me and Maria goes out for a beer together with another roommate of hers. We ended up on a bar with awesome live music. At the south island we drove straight down to Kaikoura stopping for some sea lion spotting. Back over to to the west coast and yada-yada…. Franz Josef, Queenstown and now Christchurch.

Here in Christchurch I’m back living with Kirsty just counting the days until my flight to Samoa. Now the disaster is that I’m not writing on my own laptop, when unpacking it at Kirstys house it woudn’t start. Luckily all my photos where on my external hard drive.

Towards the end

New Zealand, Nov Posted on Thu, November 15, 2007 03:58PM

In a few days I have to catch a flight up to Auckland and meet my family. While waiting I’m currently in Lake Hawea staying with Steve and Ross whom I met in Christchurch. Marc and Verena lives here too and another couchsurfer named Matt. Tomorrow two new couch surfers will come so it’s gonna be a lot of people here.

Before I left for Lake Hawea and Wanaka I finally did the Routeburn track with Ina and Franzisca, or at least half of it. It was still closed after the saddle but we could get up to lake Harris. The track was very easy but beautiful. Weather was on our side.

Back at the Bumbles hostel I met up with a couple of old Stray travelers, Graham, Scott and Muffin. And at the Patagonia I randomly bumped into Tony and Emma that I’d met up in Auckland, from Fat Camel of course. Me and Tony hooked up the day after to try out the Vertigo downhill track in Queenstown. The bike they gave me wasn’t really equipped for downhill riding and after half the the track I found out that neither was I. Never crashed though even if it was close. See, they don’t settle with driving on the wrong side, the brakes on the bikes is switched to the opposite too.

Off to Wanaka to meet up with Steve and Ross. On my way up to the road to start hitchiking and glanced into Base hostel and saw Emily (from Fat Camel). Chatted for a bit and I’ll see if I can see her once I get back to Queenstown again. Continued walking for a bit and recognize a face. Zack, who stayed in the same room as me and Emily at Fat Camel (and both of them together with me helped out Ina and Franzisca to get a free place to sleep). I’m not even surprised any more. Other people I’ve bumped into is Guy who I did Rangitoto with and Chris who stayed in the same room with me (Fat Camel). Chris was on the same bus as Graham, Scott and Muffin.

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