Artist: Nekromantix
Album: Return of the loving dead [2002]
Track: Trick or treat
Why: Halloween!

Still in Queenstown, love this city. Lost count on how many days I’ve been here now but will stay here until Tuesday. Then Ina, Franzisca and me are of to do the Routeburn track. The girls will only do one night and then head back while I’m doing the full track and two nights. Right now the track is closed due to avalanche warning but hopefully it will open soon.

Last Wednesday it was Halloween and I spent the afternoon with some guys from the hostel at the casino playing bingo. Didn’t cost anything but together we collected $60 (300kr) bar tab. I got bingo twice and one line, Rodrigo got two lines and some other guy got one line. That ment a lot of free wedgies, fries and some drinks. At this point I had figured out a costume for the evening. Since Kirsty were coming down from Christchurch I really wanted to go out to meet her but would feel stupid without a costume. As a backpacker I don’t carry around much that could be used for Halloween and all stores were closed. But I am a backpacker and I have my backpack so why not wear that? I sure was the only one wearing a backpack as a dress that night, even got me to a second place at the costume competition and won another $50 bar tab. As our bus driver Morrie would have said: Free is best, cheap is cool but free is best.

Pictures are of the lake Wakatipu just 50 meters from my hostel.