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To the southern hemisphere

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Follow me during my nearly five months in New Zealand

Day tour

New Zealand, Sep Posted on Thu, September 06, 2007 03:07PM

A couple a days ago me, James and DJ took a free tour offered by the hostel. The tour was led by Stray who I’m thinking on continue traveling with. You buy a ticket and can then jump on and off their buses for a one year period. They will then take you around New Zealand stopping on all places worth seeing.

Yesterday James took his flight back home after only a week in New Zealand. He had ran out of money, too bad. I have booked another five nights here in Auckland, after that I will head up north before Petelo comes. Still waiting for him to call but I can’t stay in Auckland much longer.


New Zealand, Sep Posted on Sun, September 02, 2007 07:59PM

Still in Ackland and really bored. Petelo is gonna be another week or
two so I might head up north a couple of days if I get a hold of a
couch. Some of us from the dorm went out for some beers last night.
Went to four different pubs and met around 20 people altogheter. And
this in Auckland, New Zealands biggest city with a population of 420
000 people, 1.2 million including suburbs. we went to three different
irish pubs, got denied for not wearing collared shirt at a backpacker
pub(!) and then finally to the pub at our hostel. A complete

Today we took the ferry over to Rangitoto, an extinct volcano island.
It was around 40 minutes walk to the top and the view was quite good.
From the left in the second pic: Some guy from Wales, James, Craig and
DJ in the back all from England.

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