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I hate Auckland

New Zealand, Sep Posted on Fri, September 21, 2007 01:22PM

After 10 days up in Paihia I’m back in Auckland. Had some great time in Paihia and i really miss the BBQ and spa pool. Last four days me and Andi got crazy with the frisbee, throwing it for hours. Andi was desperately trying to get it in the laundry room, bouncing it against the walls and tried all kinds of different techniques. And the, finally after several really close tries he did it. The frisbee did a perfect bounce against the concrete wall and direcly in to the laundry room. Mission accomplished!
Me on the other hand had no problem hitting the pool, got really good at it after the second day. Never got in the spa pool though.

I didn’t only stayed in the spa or throwing frisbee, I also rented a kayak for a couple of hour. Was hoping to see some dolphins but had no luck with that. But the bay of islands was a beautiful place for a kayak tour.

Two Canadian girls that stayed at Pipi Patch with me ended up at the same hostel here in Auckland. So yesterday we all went to the Kelly Tarlton’s aquarium. It’s the first aquarium with a tunnel. The tunnel went under a big aquarium with lots of sharks and other big fishes. They also had a lot of penguins and one aquarium with the most dangerous animal in the world, the sting ray! Well, it’s kinda unofficial but if Steve Irwing could survive every other animal the sting ray has to be the most lethal, right? Anyway the sting rays were HUGE, unfortunately the aquarium was not so the just swam around in circles or lying on the bottom playing solitaire and listening to Tom Waits greatest hits.

The night before was a weird night. We went down to the Fat Camel bar and met two of the Stray bus drivers, Scubes and Thumper. Scubes just couldn’t shut up, he was like one of those bunnies loaded with duracell batteries. They were not the only weird people at the bar though. There were a 55 year old drug addict (high on cough medicine)there as well. He didn’t like the music played at the bar so he had his own radio with him. Playing fanaticly air guitar and air piano. Thumper joined in with his air triangle. Sometimes the old guy, Albert, would come up to me and put the earbuds in my ears and letting me guess the music. He actually had good music taste, a lot of Zztop, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC…

Yesterday I spoke to Petelo again and he will be in Auckland on Monday! That means I’ll probably get the tattoo done on Tuesday and will be able to leave Auckland Wednesday or Thursday. I have two more nights booked at Fat Camel and after that I hope to couch surf somewhere, it’s getting to expensive to pay for accommodation every night.

Tomorrow me and the Canadian girls, Kate and Kelly, might head over to Great Barrier Island. Located 88km from Auckland people live a simple life here with no electricity apart for some generators. Hope to take some good photos, if the ferry isn’t too expensive.


New Zealand, Sep Posted on Fri, September 14, 2007 07:40PM

Artist: Willy Mason
Album: Where the humans eat [2004]
Track: Gotta keep on moving
Why: Got this album from Stevie at Fat Camel and have been listening to it a lot ever since.

Finally got hold of Petelo and he said he would be another two weeks or so. That means he will be in Auckland next week fom now. To kill some time I went up north to Bay of Islands. Last day in Auckland a couple of us from Fat Camel played some football. It was a rainy day but still great fun. Afterwards we went to an Irish pub who served free food every Sunday. Fat Camel has free food as well but compared too Father Teds Fat Camels is only a snack. After three hours of wet football we all filled our plates to the max.

The day after the football I hed up north using my stray pass. Once in Paihia everyone went out on a boat trip except me. Need to save up some money. Too bad cos they saw both dolphins and orcas.
Been here in Paihia five days now just taking it easy, spending a couple of hours in the spa pool a day, some hiking and will probably hire a kayak tomorrow. Think I might stay here another two nights.

First night was crazy, all of us bonded quite well and two danish girls got everyone drunk with their card games. It was kareoke night as well and everyone had great fun.

I’m not the only one enyoing the spa pool, after a couple of days we built up our own spa pool club. Spending hour after hour every day with mostly the same people. Strangely I’m the only one that enjoys the ordinary pool. Thinks it’s about 12
degrees in that one, very refreshing after an hour in the hot spa.

Thank you for a great time here, Andi, Emma, Tim, Daniel, Annika,
Matti, “Dj Freaky” Ditte and Signe. And all those I don’t know the name

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