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To the southern hemisphere

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Follow me during my nearly five months in New Zealand


New Zealand, Aug Posted on Fri, August 24, 2007 09:02AM

Artist: Lisa Ekdahl
Album: Lisa Ekdahl [1994]
Track: Vem vet
Why: Second night at Kirsty we went to a bar were her swing classmates use to meet up after practise. Suddenly this track is played. I couldn’t remember her name so the tune stuck to my head.

Kirsty who I’m staying at is a terrific girl and very involved in couchsurfing. Her friend Kristy (in the pic) also lives here and currently two other couchsurfers from Ohio, USA. Steve and Ross. Two days ago me, Steve, Ross and Kirsty went to a bar were Kirstys classmates from her swing dancing course meet every Wednesday and swing dance. Great fun and good music. At the bar we met another couchsurfer, Ellen from the Netherlands. She had recently arrived and had an even worse start than me. She lost her bag with all her money, passport and tickets. Luckily it seems as she found them again.

Yesterday I spent my hole day in town, got myself a New Zealand phone number: (+64) 02102577861 and I also rebooked my flight. The flight that I had from start was already booked but I managed to get one the 26th of December. That meant I also had to rebook my flight from Samoa to the 24th. It cost me about 120 NZD but it was worth it. Took a stroll at the botanical gardens as well but without my camera.

After over eight hours in the city I took a small nap around 7pm, but for some reason I slept until 2am…


New Zealand, Aug Posted on Wed, August 22, 2007 09:03AM

Over 35 hours of planes and airports are finally over. At Auckland I had to check out my baggage before transferring to a domestic flight. While waiting at the baggage carousels I remembered how much I hate all those people who stands 2 inches from it thinking they will get their luggage quicker that way. But after 15 minutes there was no problem for me getting close enough to the carousels. But that really didn’t matter cos my luggage where not in Auckland. All my clothes, my toothbrush and hiking boots will hopefully arrive this afternoon.

The worst part was not hat my flight has been rebooked or that I don’t have any clothes. It was arriving at Christchurch without having someone waiting for me. Made me want to get back on that flight to Sweden again.

I was going to meet up with Kirsty at 16:30, but with not enough warm clothes and four hours to spend I just waited at the airport for almost three hours before heading in to town centre. We met up at the chess game near the cathedral and then she drove me to her place (or actually here friends place). Without almost any sleep since I left Sweden I went straight to bed. 14 hours later I’m writing this.

Plans for today is to see if I can find my luggage and hopefully rebook my flight.

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