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To the southern hemisphere

and back

Follow me during my nearly five months in New Zealand


Pre Travel 2007 Posted on Mon, August 20, 2007 09:05PM

I’m currently waiting for my flight to Auckland here at Hong Kong Airport. I’m bored as hell, my but hurts, not sure why I’m here and my flight home has been rebooked to November. That is because I couldn’t find my visa and they couldn’t check it up digitally. So on arrival in Auckland I’ll try to rebook it again. Hopefully no one has booked the seat I left.

I really hoped there would be a good camera store here at Hong Kong Airport so that I could buy a Canon 10-22. But they didn’t have it. The Canon 400D was a bargain though. I think it was around 4000SEK with the crappy 18-55.

Been doing alot of thinking on the tattoo…. and a new sketch. But I’ll upload a pic once it’s done instead.

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Pre Travel 2007 Posted on Sat, August 18, 2007 10:07AM

Seems I got hold on the “wrong” Sulu’ape. The one I was searching for lives in Samoa and travels the world and has lots of experience tattooing western people, meaning he is used to be more playful on the tattoo design. The one I’ve spoken to is his older brother, still a very good tattoo artist. I really don’t know what to do since I’ve heard so much good about the one that lives in Samoa.

If I don’t let the older brother tattoo me I have to be sure I can meet up with the younger one in Samoa. I will not go back to Sweden without a tatau. The easiest way I guess is to get one from each. Sorry mom…

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