Artist: Seamus Kennedy
By popular demand
Rattlin’ bog
Why: This song was sung both in Raglan and Taupo mostly by our Irish Malachy.

Only been a couple of days since last entry but so many things has happened. I’ve finally left Auckland with the Stray bus. Had about three hours of sleep the last night at fat Camel and I had to pay another $10 for it thanks to Marilyn Manson. He was playing in Auckland so they raised all rooms with $10. So I payed $36 for the last night, hoping to get value for the money I went to bed early after a bowling game but the people next door kept me awake almost all night. Had to be ready at 7.45 in the morning so I was well tired on the bus.

After a few stops, coffee, lookout points and some tree hugging we arrived at our first destination, Hahei. Not much to to here more than take a walk at the Coromandel, famous for it’s rocks near and out in the water. Tight schedule, 8.00 next day we continued our way to Raglan. Flink, if you’re gonna surf in New Zealand this is the place. The hostel we stayed at is one of the best so far with a great bush walk, a flying fox, pool table, excellent food, great sunset view and much more. At one of the bays you can surf left handed waves which is not that common apparently. Anyway, a great place to stay if you surf, which I don’t. But we did the bush walk on the day and when we got back they served Mexican food. Took a couple of beers while waiting for the sun to set so we could do the flying fox in the dark. The flying fox was awesome in the dark since you couldn’t see a thing except some glow worms. So Flink: go there!

Another early star next morning, 8.30 and of to Roturoa, but first a stop at Waitomo. When I booked my Stray pass I got to vouchers which allow me to do two activities for free, Waitomo is one of them. This was amazing! abseiling down underwater waterfalls, crouching thru narrow passages, climbing slippery rocks in these amazing caves. Hope i can go back there, are you up for it Mattis?

There’s loads of fun stuff to do around Roturoa (also called Vegas for that reason) but I could only afford one, and only had time for one activity as well: White water rafting. There was six of us from the bus which was perfect cos the raft only fits six people plus the two guides. The rafting was wicked and included a 7 meter waterfall. Just as we came down the big waterfall it grabbed our left side and flipped us over, which I was hoping it would.

After the rafting we got back to Roturoa and me and Muffin gave cooking a try, ended up in a near disaster. I blame it all to the peanut satay that ended up on the side walk instead of our plates.

Of to Taupo! and on the way a stop at a hot water/cold water river. Two rivers that merge together where one is hot and the other one cold. Perfect place to chill out after all the breath taking activities. We were all getting ready for a early night so we could do the Tongariro crossing the day after. At about 7 pm Morrie (our driver) made us all disappointed. The weather was not looknig good, rain and wind over Tongariro the next day so there will be no tramping. Every one was really looking forward to it cos it’s considered to be the best one day hike in the world. So it was straight to the bar, a couple of jugs later and we had all forgot about Tongariro.

Instead of leaving 6.45 in the morning for the crossing we took of at about 10.00 to the Tongariro national park. The weather was really shit, rained all day and a bit cold. that did not hinder us from taking a swim though. Right next to a 7 meter waterfall there’s a cliff perfect for jumping in the water. The cliff is just as high as the waterfall and three of us was well up to jump. I took my sweater and shoes of and gave them to Morrie who ran down to bottom for safety reasons, no turning back now. Rain, cold wind and probably freezing water. I knew I was only gonna jump once so might as well make the best of it. It was not the best one, but still, I made a front flip down to the almost white water beneath me. It was fucking freezing and the current grabbed hold of me right away dragging me to the rocks. Had to swim like a crazy to make it into shore. But it was absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately since I went first no one got a good picture of it. I really looked forward o the spa pool at the hostel. Now the hostel was really one of the best if it wasn’t far most things were out of order, a sink, two washing machines, one vending machine and of course the spa pool… But we had a good time anyway with some beer and movies. Oh, if you’re thinking of watching the movie “1408”, DON’T!

Right now I’m in Wellington waiting and will head to south island tomorrow. We did a short tour around the city. Drove by Peter Jacksons house, the boat from King Kong and walked the path were three famous hobbits hides from the Nazgul behind the root from a tree. But pictures are still in my camera. Having some problem with it. Think my 10-22 is broken some how. Hopefully I’ll be able to have it repaired before I’m heading to Samoa.