Artist: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Album: Alone in iz world [2001]
Track: Over The Rainbow
Why: No Magda, no tattoo… But I still have my dreams.

Long time since I wrote anything now. that’s because nothing has happend. Well, almost. Trying to kill the time here in Auckland, for no reason at all I’m afraid but I’ll get back to that.

Kate and Kelly has moved to the house they’re house sitting, only 12 minutes with the ferry from here but haven’t visit them yet. Hope to do that tomorrow. So I’ve spend some time with Craig who is still living at Fat Camel. We went out together a week ago to meet up some of his friends at a bar neither of us had been to before. As soon as we opened the door we knew this place was different. The smell of incense, strange looking furniture, Asian vases and lamps, big paintings and music from the 1930’s. This place was great. Next to the bar sat two women all dressed up and gave a touch of Moulin Rouge. The owner, Russell, made sure everyone had a good time. He was a bit feminine. But when he came up, laid his hand on Craig’s neck he didn’t sound very feminine. Whit the darkest whiskey voice I’ve heard in a long time he said: Hello ladies, everything all right here? But he was pretty funny, so was one of the waiter who probably was more pissed than I was at three o’clock. The bar is called Shanghai Lil’s aka The Birdcage and if you’re in Auckland you have to go there. It’s near Victoria market, just on the other side of the bridge.

Just before Kelly and Kate went to their house we went to the museum, unfortunately we only had one hour before they closed. So e few days later I went there again with an American guy, Zack and a English girl called Emily. Both of them living in the same dorm as I. This time we had more time, the museum is really big and worth going to. Afterwards me and Zack went to get some pizza and randomly bumped into Craig in the park. Pizza hut has two large pizzas for $14 dollars (70kr). But two pizzas were not enough so we got four pizzas and went back to the hostel to watch Sin City on my laptop. Think I ate one and a third by my self, couldn’t walk for five hours after that.

I’ve also done some couch surfing again. Took the ferry over to one of the islands outside Auckland called Waiheke and met up with Derrek, my host. The island was beautiful and Derrek a great host, he even made me dinner. Second day there I went for a walk, just over 20km. Never got on any bus so I didn’t see the entire island but I still had a great time.

So now I’m back in Auckland, again, and i phoned my tattooist. He was not home but i spoke to his son Michael and he said that something had come up and that he had to go to Queenstown. So now I’ll try to leave Auckland as soon as possible, without a tattoo. Now I have to get hold on Sua Sulu’ape Petelo in Samoa if I want to go back to Sweden with a new tattoo, which I do. It’s a long wait and I wouldn’t mind if I would have the tattoo done right now, but I’m not. So all this waiting have been for nothing. Over three weeks of non-traveling. I really long for Samoa right now. Even thinking of going there one week earlier to be sure to find Petelo before Christmas time.