Artist: Eric Weissberg
Album: Deliverance [1973]
Track: Dueling Banjos
The Scottish guy played some of this tune at the twisted hop. The tune
is from the movie Deliverance and is called “End of a dream”, but I
chose to upload the dueling track instead. Click the “dueling
banjo” link to see the scene from the movie, it’s awesome.

Sitting at Starbucks coffee in Auckland sipping some hot chocolate. Been here two nights now waiting for Petelo Suluape to call me.

Had some great time last two nights in Christchurch. We went to a place called The Twisted Hop who had a seven years jubilee so they had live bands all day. We got there at about seven just in time for a Scottish fellow who played guitar and mandolin.They had a special on one of the beer, 3.50 NZD, around 17 SEK. As I said, great time….

I finally got my canon 10-22 as you can see in the photos. It was about 1000 SEK (200 NZD) cheaper than back home.

I was thinking of hitch hiking to Auckland but after meeting up with someone in Christchurch I wasn’t really in the mood. So I went to the airport hoping to get a cheap ticket. The cheapest one was also the latest one, but not the smartest. Ticket was $144 but since it was so late there were no buses from Auckland airport into the city so I had to take a taxi, which was another $60! the bus is around $10-15. Ellen said that I had to stay at the Fat Camel once in Auckland, unfortunately all their dorms were booked so I staid at Base Backpackers instead. But only for two nights. Didn’t like the atmosphere and I managed to get a dorm at the Fat Camel. I have another four nights booked and really hope Petelo calls before that. Hopefully after that I’ll be able to hitch hike south again.