Still in Christchurch. Can’t really figure out what to do, not in the mood for anything. Want to go south for some hiking but it’s not really season for it right now, and it’s not as fun alone. So I might head north to Auckland and get that tattoo. Haven’t spoken to Petelo yet, but I’ll try to call him later today.

Last days i spent with Ross and Steve, they’re buying a Toyota Hilux from a local guy. He started at 2000 NZD but after we had it checked by a mechanic he’s down at 1450NZD. But then they need to fix the rear dif. and i think it was a steering rod also. Still, it will be around 2000NZD all together for a very nice 4×4 truck in great condition. That’s around 9800 SEK.

They are heading south to get a job in Wanaka and settle down. I’ll probably go there later on to visit them and do some hiking there.

Yesterday we visited the Botanical gardens again and did a quick stop at the arts centre.