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To the southern hemisphere

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Back to zero

Samoa, Dec Posted on Thu, January 03, 2008 03:39AM

Artist: Van Morrison
Album: Moondance [1970]
Track: Moondance
Why: To all you fantastic people I’ve met during my journey around the world!

Feels like only two weeks ago but now I’m back in Sweden. Been here a
couple of days now with my family. Kinda depressing coming back after
so long. Nothing have changed, I’m back to nothing and have to figure
out what to do. This trip was planned as a new start but ended as, well
I don’t really know what. All I know is that it helped me survive the fall (pun intended). Don’t want to go back to whatever it was I
had before. I miss New Zealand, Samoa and all the people I’ve met.

After I had the tatau done I couldn’t really do much. Spent most of my time at the hotel. Later that week I walked around around a bit in Apia and got a lot of looks. With two hand made Samoan tattoos everyone stopped me and asked where and when I got them. It feels like they are honoured that a palagi (white people) comes all the way from Sweden to be part of the Samoan culture. Last night I just had to get a last pizza at Giordanos. Same day Barbara had come back from Savaii so we took a taxi up to the pizzeria. Just when we finished Peter and Marsi from Australia came too. And half an hour later another couple from or hotel came. We spent four hours at Giordanos before taking a taxi back again. At this time I was exhausted but had to stay awake another two hours. A taxi had all ready been booked to drive me down to the airport. Half an hour late I had to take another taxi because the first one never showed up. But I had enough time to check in. At the airport one of the guards started talking to me about my tattoo and a few minutes later a Samoan guy came up and said his German friend had the same design by Suluape. I got confused because I had mine done one week ago and that was the first time Petelo ever did anything like it. Apparently this German guy was at the airport and waiting for the same flight as I. Turns out his tattoo was only three hours old. Guess Petelo liked the design. The German guy called him self Knoidel and owns a tattoo studio in Germany. He was on his way to Bernie in New Zealand who had a tattoo studio together with Paulo Suluape. Luckily he had to spend one night in Auckland so I could come with him to his hotel only a few minutes from the airport. Otherwise I had to stay at the airport for 16 hours. Instead I had access to a bed a shower and a Christmas buffé.

All together it took me 58 hours between Samoa and my family in Sweden. 28 of those I was in a plane. I spent 16 hours at Arlanda Airport before a 40 minutes flight to the last stop.

Tatau videos

Samoa, Dec Posted on Fri, December 21, 2007 07:06PM

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